August Wilhelm Dressler - The veristic View

14.01.2022 to 03.02.2022 Galerie Lehner

August Wilhelm Dressler (1886 Bettelgrün - 1970 Berlin)
August Dressler counts among the painters of the 'New Objectivity', but nevertheless stubbornly eludes summary classification. The Berliner-by-choice appears by origin, temperament, and insight as an individuality to whom commitment must appear as constraint, program as template, and catchphrase as anathema. He is one of the ...

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Ramona Schnekenburger Nebel I Leben & Erich Waske Monumentale Farbsymphonien

20.10.2021 to 10.11.2021 Ramona Schnekenburger Nebel I Leben & Erich Waske Monumentale Farbsymphonien

Ramona Schnekenburger
Born in 1980 in Schwennigen, southwest Germany. Lives and works in Vienna since 2007 and has been working as a freelance artist since 2011.

Ramona Schnekenburger's work combines realism and reduction and visualizes this with the help of painterly and graphic forms of expression. This gives her pictures a special depth effect that triggers ...

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Franz Ecker & Fritz Aigner

29.06.2021 to 31.07.2021

Fritz Aigner (1930-2005) and Franz Xaver Ecker (1943-1999) could not be more different. Nevertheless, they are both united by Linz, where they learned art and made it their vocation. Fritz Aigner's extraordinary talent was recognized at an early age: At the age of 17, he is admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts in the master class of Sergius Pauser and finishes his studies in 1952 with a diplom...

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Art at the Park - the artfair at the Goldenen Quartier

27.05.2021 to 30.05.2021 Park Hyatt, Am Hof 2, 1010 Wien

Elena Steiner

04.05.2021 to 29.05.2021 Galerie Lehner

Elena Steiner was born in Susice (Czech Republic) in 1975 and lives and works in Vienna. She completed her painting studies at the Institute for Fine and Media Art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in Johanna Kandl’s class. In her series of works, Elena Steiner examines a different type of person, sensitizes the viewer, confronts him with the uncompromising demasking of his own wo...

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Roland Ladwig & Viktor Lederer

12.03.2021 to 27.03.2021

Roland Ladwig and Viktor Lederer can be classified in the tradition of post - expressionism. They continued the tradition of expressive image perception in Austria and gave it essential and new impulses. The motifs are reduced, the formal elements become more distinctive, and the traditional perspective is dissolved in order to represent a realistic reproduction of impressions, sensuality and mood...

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