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The Lehner Gallery was founded in 1973 in a climate of cultural turmoil by Mag. Hermann Lehner as “The Gallery for Contemporary Art” and is one of the oldest existing private galleries in Austria. In June 2005 the site of the Lehner Gallery was relocated from Linz to Vienna, where it is currently located on Getreidemarkt 1 near the Secession, Academy, and Museums Quarter in the center of the citys art district. The gallery has now held more than 300 public exhibitions with approximately 150 artists, some of whom made their debut there. This record is remarkable and includes the names of Fritz Aigner, Franz Ecker, Margret Bilger, Vilma Eckl, Roland Ladwig, Egon Hofmann, Heinrich Krause, and Alfred Kubin. Artists from the younger generation including Hans Andreas, Harald Birklhuber, and Susanne Purviance have also found permanent exhibitions in the Lehner Gallery. Important representatives of classical modernity, especially from the areas of New Objectivity and Expressionism, top off the program. Most notably the artists Conrad Felixmüller, Erich Waske, Frans Masereel, and August Wilhelm Dressler exhibited in this gallery. The Lehner Gallery created a place for art lovers and collectors to meet where discussion, debate, and the exchange of experiences was given more space.




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Dr. Frederik Lehner

Gallery owner

Dr. Frederik Lehner was born in 1971. Despite socialization in the rooms of the Lehner Gallery, he pursued a classic career in the field of market research. In 1998 he founded the InterConnection Consulting Group and established offices in Vienna, Munich, and Barcelona. In 2000 the gallery began the task of accumulating artwork with a focus on New Objectivity and Expressionism of the interwar years. He took over the gallery in June 2005.

Mag. Ulrike Hackl

Gallery Manager

Mag. Ulrike Hackl was born in 1986 in Vienna. She studied history of art and cultural studies at the University of Vienna and graphic design at Graphische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt in Vienna. Since the beginning of 2011 responsible for the management of the gallery as well as for customer advice.

Mag. Simone Höller

Customer Service

Mag. Simone Höller was born in 1973 in South Tyrol. After completing her studies of painting and graphics at the University of Applied Art in Vienna she worked as a publishing assistant and project organizer in the field of art and culture both domestically and abroad. Since June 2005 she has been responsible for customer service.

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Nadia Moling, BA

Gallery collaborator

Nadia Moling BA, born 1998 in South Tyrol. After completing her studies in Comparative Literature and Art History at the University of Vienna, she workes in a museum and in various art and cultural projects in Austria and abroad. She is working as an employee at Galerie Lehner since 2022.

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Helena Huber, MA

Gallery assistant

Helena Huber MA, born 1997 in Kitzbühel. After completing her master’s degree in art studies in Innsbruck, she has been working as an assistant at the gallery since fall 2023.